Simply,I'll just explain to you how it works and hope you'll see it my way at the end of the day.Its simple and easy,Its about a new initiative recently launched by The GIT Global investments through a new website called WAZZUB.The process is actually kinda beautiful,that's the way I'll describe it.Looking it from the bottomline,its simply buying shares and at this point its $1/share.DON'T RUNAWAY YETif you are not the type that buys shares because in this case you are NOT TO PAY A DIMErather you are to reasonablyWORK THE DIME.To work for the dime,just bring a member each and get 1 share,if the member you brought is productive and brings in one member too,you get 1 additional share,its as easy as that.Lest I forget,you continue to get additional shares until the 5th Generational member.But the problem here is that its closing by 11th April,2012,that's the 11th of this month,precisely this Coming Wedsday.Since it is not a conventional Public Limited Company,its an inventive intiative,they'll pay you based on your number which they refer to as 'factor'(1 share means 1 factor).Its actually extremely more explanatory on the FAQ's column of the website- WAZZUBSo for me I've got nothing to loose,its a preferable risk to take than other ventures.WHAT'D YOU THINK?????
NOTE:I'll advise you to register first when you get there because the Websitehas some kind accessibility lock against those who are not members"GOODLUCK!!!!

CLICK HERE to start up.


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